Assessment - Where are you now?

We use our unique approach to measure and define your current practice. We look at revenue streams, staff competencies, systems, performance, competition and patient perception. We will provide a complete in-depth analysis of your current practice so we can chart the needed next steps.

Vision - Where do you want to go?

We work with you to answer these questions;
What does the practice you want look like?
What issues do you want solved?
How do you want your patients to see you, your staff and your practice?
What are your keys for success?

Strategy - How do we get you there?

We use tested business principles to move your practice in the right direction.
Communication systems, Policies and Procedures, Vision Plans, feedback systems for staff, review processes, structured meetings, training, web design, advertising, targeted facilitations and workplace design flow are just a few of the strategies we use to move towards your goal.

Metrics - How do we measure your success?

We create your unique numbers and reports that allow you to measure improvement in real time instead of waiting for monthly accounting reports that are too late. These numbers can be used to make adjustments on the fly and create an environment for positive change and adjustment. These will be data points that you can trust. They will be clear, concise and simple. More importantly your staff will understand them and be able to improve them through their actions and thus own their own success.
All metrics and data will be tied back to the vision and the practice you want to build. These same metrics and data are an integral part of the feedback and review loop that are important to a thriving practice.