Featured Services

Coaching to Your Vision

Discover your vision with one-on-one coaching. We provide coaching for you, the business owner, that will help you to discover your vision and devise a clearcut plan to realise it. If it is not clear to you now, our guidance and expertise will clarify it for you. In the end, we deliver what you want. You will shift from being an entrepreneur who does tasks to a complete business owner who manages your practice.

Clear Assessment

We will create links between the front and back office. In order to reach your vision you need the data and metrics to to measure the power of your actions and guide the team. We will aid you in making sure your systems are being utilized to their maximum effectiveness and integrate them to eliminate redundancy and reduce errors.

Customized Delivery

We will help you develop your areas of opportunity, but we won't force you to change things into a prescribed model. We will protect those things that differentiate you in your market and make you unique while strengthening those things you will need in order to be successful. We pride ourselves on customization. You will be who you need to be, not who we need you to be in order to fit into a box.

Additional Services

Business Structure Overview Are you currently working with associates and junior partners but are unsure of how effective your current model is? Would you like to start these types of associations with trained professionals in your field of expertise? How can you structure to attract and retain the best individuals in your field? What cost model is best for your business in light of these questions? We can help you answer these questions and show you various models and structures that will make your final decision the best one for you.

Marketing and Website Review Our team of creative professionals and associates bring their expertise and creativity to your marketing plan. While we identify competition and help you design strategy to strengthen your place in that competitive market, we leverage your existing technology with marketing techniques to bring that strategy to life. From branding, service flow, internal customer care to website design we can reinvigorate your business in the eyes of your clients and patients.

Purchasing Review and Services Whether you control your own purchasing function or have aligned yourself with a purchasing group in your profession, it is important to review the financial rewards gained and the services available and promised in order to ensure you are ‘getting the best bang for your buck’. If you have not taken a hard look into your purchasing practices it is time you do. The potential savings and gains are substantial. We have individuals standing by to do just that for your organization.

Our Process - the Four Steps

Where are you right now? We define what is working in your practice and what is not. We provide an in-depth picture of what is the current state.

Where do you want to go? We work with you to define the future of your practice – the way you always wanted it. This is why you started your practice in the first place.

How do we get you there? We work with you and your team to put the business principals in place that will lead to your vision. Step by step actions that will allow you to work smarter not harder.

How do we measure your success? We will identify what you can measure to see improvement in real time. What you measure improves. What you communicate becomes important.